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    Apple Faces Shareholder Ballot To Consider Political Diversity For Board Members First Financial Bankshares Announces Election Of Vianei Lopez Braun To Board Of Directors Stephen D. Steinour Elected to Battelle Board of Directors Pantheon Appoints Former Tableau CMO Elissa Fink to Its Board of Directors Foot Locker Signs Coca-Cola’s Talent to Strengthen its Board of Directors Ascend Capital Founder Malcolm Fairbairn Appointed to TFF Pharmaceuticals Board of Directors Cree, Inc. Appoints Glenda Dorchak to Board of Directors FedEx President, COO Raj Subramaniam Elected to Board of Directors AMD Ceo Lisa Su Joins Cisco's Board of Directors KAR Global Adds Former Glassdoor HR Exec to its Board Energizer Shareholders Elect New Directors To Board Of Directors Littelfuse Appoints Maria C. Green to Board of Directors