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    Apple Faces Shareholder Ballot To Consider Political Diversity For Board Members Change Healthcare Names Diana McKenzie to Board of Directors ViewRay Announces Appointment of Dr. Gail Wilensky to its Board of Directors Hibbett Sports Names Lorna Nagler and Dorlisa Flur to the Board of Directors Former IPG Chief David Bell Joins Flipboard’s Board of Directors Land & Buildings Sends Open Letter to Brookdale Senior Living Shareholders Crinetics Pharmaceuticals Appoints Stephanie Okey to Board of Directors Cambridge Bancorp Announces Three New Members to Board of Directors Astarte Medical Appoints Giulia Kennedy to Board of Directors Homology Medicines Appoints Alise Reicin, MD, to the Board of Directors S&T Bancorp, Inc. Appoints Lewis W. Adkins Jr. To Board Of Directors Michael Bender Elected to Kohl’s Corporation Board of Directors