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    John Schnatter Resigns From Papa John’s Board, Ends Lawsuits ESSA Announces Changes to its Board of Directors Oracle Co-CEO Mark Hurd Passes Away CyberX Appoints Ron Zoran to Board of Directors AT&T in Talks to Diffuse Shareholder Row Contango Announces John Goff as New Chairman of the Board and Enhancement to Its Management Team MassMutual Announces Election of Shelley Leibowitz to Board of Directors Elon Musk Says He's Low on Cash. He Could be Right — and it Shows how Complicated CEO Compensation Has Become. Disclosure on Cybersecurity Risk and Oversight American Software, Inc. Adds to Board of Directors Centennial Resource Development Appoints Steven J. Shapiro to its Board of Directors Oncolytics Biotech(R) Appoints Experienced Financial and Strategic Leader Leonard Kruimer to ...