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    John Schnatter Resigns From Papa John’s Board, Ends Lawsuits Carl Icahn Drives Further Into Hertz Global Holdings Lennox International Appoints Sherry L. Buck to Board of Directors Uber Will Tie Executive Compensation to Meeting Diversity Goals Vulcan Materials Company Elects New Director EyePoint Pharmaceuticals Appoints Wendy DiCicco, CPA, to Board of Directors Uber Received More Scrutiny from the SEC Than Lyft During the IPO Process Sue Klug Joins Gelson's Board Of Directors Corporate Britain is Treating Gender Diversity Like a Tick-Box Exercise. It Has to Stop Increasing Shareholder Pressure Exerted On Zuckerberg's Role As Chairman Accenture Names a New CEO: Julie Sweet Dragos Appoints CrowdStrike Co-founder and CTO Dmitri Alperovitch to Board of Directors