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    Gender Equity in the Workplace Begins in the Boardroom PG&E Spikes After a Hedge Fund Challenges its 'Damaging, Avoidable, And Unnecessary Bankruptcy' Nissan May Abolish Chairman Role as It Rebuilds, Director Says Benefitfocus (BNFT) Announces Ana White to Board Everbridge Appoints Former Gannett Division President and Web.com CEO Sharon Rowlands to its Board of Directors The Influence Shareholders Can Have in the Fight Against Climate Change Hedge Fund Can Give Olympus a Clearer Focus Legendary Investor John Bogle has Died at 89. The Founder of Vanguard Group was Known as the Creator of the Index Fund. Does Board Diversity Improve Corporate Performance? Hercules Technology Growth (HTGC) Appoints Carol L. Foster to Boar Cracker Barrel (CBRL) Announces Carl Berquist to Board Thomas F. Motamed Elected to AIG Board of Directors