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    China’s Richest Man Steps Down As Alibaba’s Chairman Grocery Outlet Holding Corp. Announces the Appointment of Two New Members to Board of Directors CPI Card Group Inc. Appoints Marc Sheinbaum to Board of Directors Andrew Vollero Joins Tailored Brands Board of Directors Sysco Announces Election of New Director Five Below CEO Joel Anderson Joining Sprouts Board Sirius Confirms Meyer Frucher as Non-Exec Chairman of the Board Prevail Therapeutics Announces Appointment of Morgan Sheng, Ph.D., to Board of Directors John Legere to Step Down as T-Mobile CEO Next Year Strongbridge Biopharma plc Announces Additional Steps to Improve Operational Efficiencies and Appoints New Lead Independent Director Harte Hanks Announces New Leadership Appointments to Energize Growth and Accelerate Strategic Transformation SEC Proposes To "Modernize" Shareholder Proposal Rules