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    Ford's Alan Mulally Stomps On Microsoft Speculation - And Not A Moment Too Soon Proxy Fight Averted, GM Focuses on Long-Term Growth NI Holdings, Inc. Appoints New Member to Its Board of Directors Aurinia Announces Updates to the Board of Directors Union Pacific Elects Christopher J. Williams to Board of Directors Dermira Elects Halley E. Gilbert to its Board of Directors Verso Corporation Announces Appointment of Two Independent Members to its Board of Directors Eagle Pharmaceuticals Announces Departure of Douglas L. Braunstein from Board of Directors Insmed Appoints Dr. Clarissa Desjardins to its Board of Directors and Names Roger Adsett Chief Operating Officer Carl Icahn Takes Stake in HP, Pushes for Merger with Xerox AudioEye Appoints David Moradi and Jamil Tahir to Board of Directors Hawaiian Electric Industries blasts activist investor letter on replacing CEO