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    Legendary Investor John Bogle has Died at 89. The Founder of Vanguard Group was Known as the Creator of the Index Fund. USAA Appoints Dona Young to Board of Directors Dr. Ellen R. Strahlman Elected to Altria’s Board of Directors Five Shareholder Activism Trends To Look for In 2021 Stock Compensation Reporting May be Misleading Walgreens Boots Alliance Appoints Valerie Jarrett to Its Board of Directors Proposed HSR Rule Change Would Benefit Activists Douglas Dynamics Announces Appointment of Lisa Rojas Bacus to Board of Directors Albertsons Companies Appoints Mary Beth West to Board of Directors Allstate Elects Donald Brown to Board of Directors Aylwin B. Lewis Joins Voya Financial Board of Directors Peter Maag Appointed Executive Chairman of the Board of Directors of CareDx; Reginald Seeto Appointed President and CEO