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    Equifax CEO Says Company Took Security Seriously Before its Breach in Response to Senate Report Bear Creek Mining Announces Appointment of New Director Hancock Jaffe Appoints Global Healthcare Executive Matthew Jenusaitis and Financial and ... American Tower Corporation Announces Election of Bruce L. Tanner to Board of Directors and ... Ring Energy, Inc. Announces the Appointment of Ms. Regina Roesener to the Board of Directors Catalyst Welcomes New Board Chair Lockheed Martin CEO Marillyn Hewson And Historic Number ... Eagle Alpha Appoints Elizabeth Pritchard to its Board of Directors Nouveau Monde Graphite Announces Additions to Its Board of Directors and Management Team Piper Jaffray Companies Elects Victoria M. Holt to Board of Directors NovaBay Pharmaceuticals Names Finance Executive Jeff Zheng to its Board of Directors Former Idaho Governor Butch Otter Joins Integra Board of Directors Kerry Walsh Skelly Elected to MGP Board of Directors