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    3 Ways To Keep Your Board From Getting Bored Activist Investors Promise to Make Life Hell for Japan's CEOs Quillen Joins Contura's Board of Directors Visa Inc. Announces Appointment of Linda J. Rendle to its Board of Directors Galecto Appoints Experienced Healthcare Executive Jayson Dallas to Board of Directors BrainChip Appoints Geoffrey Carrick as Non-Executive Director WorldRemit Appoints Spotify CFO Paul Vogel To Its Board of Directors Adamas Announces Changes to its Board of Directors with the Appointment of Spyros Papapetropoulos New Senior Announces Election of Norman K. Jenkins to Board of Directors CoreLogic Announces Appointment of Three New Directors to Board Cerner Announces Appointment of Major General Elder Granger, M.D., United States Army (Retired) to Its Board of Directors Former Texas Instruments Executive, Bing Xie Joins Huami's Board as Independent Director