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    3 Ways To Keep Your Board From Getting Bored DXP Enterprises Elects Joseph R. Mannes to Board of Directors; Cletus Davis to Retire From Board in June Laredo Petroleum Announces Appointment of William Albrecht to Board of Directors Evoqua Water Technologies Appoints Lisa Glatch to Its Board of Directors Mr. Cooper Group Announces Election of Shveta Mujumdar to Board of Directors Samsung Picks Outside Director as New Board Chair Glatfelter Elects Marie T. Gallagher to Board of Directors Broadwind Announces New Appointments to Board of Directors AMERISAFE Announces Election of Sean Traynor to Board of Directors Stanley Black & Decker Elects Irving Tan To Its Board Of Directors Kimberly-Clark CEO Michael Hsu to Join TI Board of Directors Sprouts Farmers Market Adds Doug Rauch to Its Board of Directors