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    Vanguard Creates New European Team to Drive Corporate Governance Marsh & McLennan Names Jane Holl Lute to Board of Directors Experienced Technology Executive Mandy Ginsberg, CEO of Match Group, Joins Uber’s Board Vanda Pharmaceuticals Appoints Stephen Ray Mitchell to Board of Directors STORE Capital Appoints Tawn Kelley to Board of Directors Auburn National Bancorporation, Inc. Appoints New Director Weyerhaeuser Announces Election of Al Monaco to Board of Directors Jennifer Dulski to Join WW Board of Directors Groupon Adds Valerie Mosley and Helen Vaid to Board of Directors; Announces Melissa Thomas as Chief Financial Officer Caterina A. Mozingo Elected to the Board of Directors of Medical Properties Trust Silicon Valley Is Quietly Building Its Own Wall Street Seeing the Risks, a Firm Transitions to ESG