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    1. Icahn Nominee Named SandRidge Chairman

      Icahn Nominee Named SandRidge Chairman

      Activist investor Carl Icahn's nominees have claimed control of key leadership positions on the SandRidge Energy Inc. board, the company said Monday.

      The leadership change is a result of last week's shareholder vote that gave Icahn control of the Oklahoma City-based oil and natural gas producer. With the changes, Icahn Enterprises LP executive ...

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    2. Chesapeake Shareholders Reject Executive Pay Plan

      Chesapeake Shareholders Reject Executive Pay Plan

      Chesapeake shareholders reject executive pay plan Chesapeake Energy Corp. shareholders on Friday rejected the company's executive compensation plan in a nonbinding, advisory vote. The proposal received 45 percent of the vote. Chairman Brad Martin defended the compensation plan at the company's annual shareholder meeting Friday, saying the firms recommending shareholders vote against the plan didn't understand the factors the plan considers...

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    3. SandRidge Energy Directors Reject Icahn Demands

      SandRidge Energy Directors Reject Icahn Demands

      SandRidge Energy Inc. directors on Tuesday rejected activist investor Carl Icahn's calls to shake up the board. In an open letter to SandRidge shareholders, the board's independent directors said they met last week with Icahn and other shareholders and said Icahn's proposals are not in the best interest of the majority of the company's stockholders...

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