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    Dimon's future questioned as JPMorgan posts first loss of his tenure RMG Acquisition Corp. Announces the Nomination of Paul Williams to Serve on the Board of Directors of Romeo Power upon Consummation of Merger Basketball Great Grant Hill Joins Empire State Realty Trust’s Board of Directors Aequi Acquisition Corp. Announces Closing of Over-Allotment Option in Connection with its Initial Public Offering Howmet Aerospace Elects Sharon Barner to Board of Directors Who Loses When Activist Hedge Funds Shake Up Companies? Glass Lewis Recommends Ziopharm Shareholders Vote on the WHITE Consent Card for All of WaterMill’s Director Candidates and Proposals Ex-Goldman Sachs President Cohn Has Not Returned Pay After 1MDB Clawbacks: Bloomberg News Nasdaq vs. Warren Buffett Activist Shareholder Starboard Urges ACI Worldwide To Put Itself Up For Sale Large Ring Energy, Inc. Shareholders Concerned with Qualifications and Compensation of CEO and Call for all Shareholders to Withhold Votes on all Directors. Marillyn Hewson Joins Chevron’s Board of Directors