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    Mark Hulbert: Ballmer resigning? Who cares? Nordson Corporation Announces Updates to Its Board of Directors Burlington Stores, Inc. Names Michael Goodwin to Board of Directors H.B. Fuller Elects Teresa Rasmussen and Michael Happe to Board of Directors CAMICO Appoints Steve Tatone to Board of Directors Lloyds has Named Charlie Nunn, a Senior Banker at Rival HSBC, as its Next Chief Executive PagerDuty Strengthens Board of Directors with Appointment of University of Michigan Dean of Engineering, Dr. Alec D. Gallimore Tellurian Appoints Veteran CEO and Adds Industry Experts to Board of Directors Sabrina Kay Appointed to MannKind Board of Directors Paul G. Kaminski Joins Digital Global Systems' Board of Directors Citizens Financial Group, Inc. Appoints Christopher J. Swift and Lee Alexander to Board of Directors Establish AI governance, Not Best Intentions, to Keep Companies Honest