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    Pricing Problem Suspends NASDAQ for Three Hours WeWork's Moment of Truth Approaches As Board Deliberates SoftBank, JPMorgan Financing Deals Female Directors Agree a 'Blunt Instrument Is Necessary' to Get Women on Boards Activist Investor Behind CSX Overhaul Sells Most of Its Stake Howard Hughes Announces Management Reshuffle, to Sell Assets Worth $2 Billion Are we Misunderstanding the Elements That Lead to Good Governance? WeWork's Board Talked to More Than 75 Financing Sources in a Week Director Independence and Demand Futility: A Holistic Inquiry of the Pleading Phillips 66 Appoints Independent Director Avetta Names Arshad Matin Its New President and Chief Executive to Drive Next Stage of Growth Trigon Strengthens Its Board of Directors With the Appointment of Dr. David Shaw and Nomination ... Saks Fifth Avenue's Struggling Parent Company is Going Private