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    1. How Companies Actually Decide What to Pay CEOs

      How Companies Actually Decide What to Pay CEOs

      In 2014, 500 of the highest-paid senior executives at U.S. companies made nearly 1,000 times as much money as the average American worker , after taking into account salary, bonuses, and stock-based compensation. That discrepancy is so enormous that it prompts a question: How exactly do companies come up with and calibrate the often-colossal pay packages they give to their leaders..

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    2. This Former CEO Wants a Luxury Tax on CEO Pay

      This Former CEO Wants a Luxury Tax on CEO Pay

      Marissa Mayer will pocket $186 million when Verizon completes its acquisition of Yahoo, epitomizing corporate America’s affinity for paying CEOs for luck. Yahoo’s core business stagnated under her leadership. However, she inherited Yahoo’s investment in Alibaba, China’s e-commerce colossus. The increasing value of Alibaba BABA, +0.16% caused Yahoo stock YHOO, +0.08% to double over her five-year tenure. Hence she deserves $186 million, because CEOs get paid for performance...

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