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    Stifel Appoints David A. Peacock to Board of Directors Otis Appoints Mr. Michael Vint to Advisory Board Assure Holdings Appoints Kent J. Lund to its Board of Directors Durango Appoints Joanne Freeze to its Board of Directors Laredo Petroleum Announces Appointment of Craig Jarchow to Board of Directors Nucor Announces the Election of Leon J. Topalian to the Nucor Board of Directors and of John H. Walker as Non-Executive Chairman Momenta Pharmaceuticals Appoints Dr. Jane F. Barlow to Board of Directors Michael D. Garcia appointed to Alliant Energy Board of Directors Arrowhead Pharmaceuticals Appoints Marianne De Backer to Board of Directors NBCUniversal Chief Executive Steve Burke to Step Down in 2020 SandRidge CEO Resigns as Icahn-Backed Board Eyes Spending Plan Kroger Elects Karen M. Hoguet to Board of Directors