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    1. A Digital Divide in the Boardroom

      A Digital Divide in the Boardroom

      The rise of new kind of business models like Uber, Netflix and Airbnb are disrupting global industries with their digital first approach. Implementing a digital strategy is necessary to remain competitive, which is why 32% of board level executives believe digital transformation is the biggest opportunity for UK businesses, according to new research that surveyed 500 UK board level respondents at medium and large businesses in the UK, by Citrix ...

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    2. The Changing Role of the CIO and Boardroom in 2017

      The Changing Role of the CIO and Boardroom in 2017

      C-suite attitudes, while far from archaic, have perhaps been focused too heavily on how to reach customers. As 2017 approaches a shift should be occurring in boardroom priorities. Of course its job is to drive profits, but this must be done in a secure way. Security is the name of the game. 2016 has seen an ever-increasing – daily – number of cyber security breaches...

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