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    1. It’s Time to Talk Diversity in D and O Questionnaires

      It’s Time to Talk Diversity in D and O Questionnaires

      Corporate secretaries of public companies will soon be updating their D&O questionnaires for the 2021 proxy season, and they should consider whether to include a question that allows directors to self-identify as diverse. While companies may be hesitant to raise the issue, increasingly, they are being asked for diversity data on their boards and employees...

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    2. What Counts as a “Perk” During the COVID-19 Pandemic?

      What Counts as a “Perk” During the COVID-19 Pandemic?

      Companies have offered benefits to employees, including executive officers, to enable them to continue their work and otherwise to make their lives easier during the COVID-19 pandemic. Now the SEC has released additional guidance as to when these benefits constitute perquisites or personal benefits that should be included in executive compensation for proxy disclosure purposes...

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    3. Recent Developments in Proxy Access

      Recent Developments in Proxy Access

      As the 2017 proxy season begins to unfold, proxy access continues to be a focus of shareholder proposals. Last year, companies that had already adopted mainstream proxy access bylaws, or that were planning to put mainstream proxy access bylaws up for a shareholder vote, were largely successful in being able to exclude shareholder proposals to adopt proxy access bylaws on the grounds that such proposals had already been “substantially implemented.” See our prior memos here and here . This year, companies have ...

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