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    1. Activist Investor Urges FairPoint to Sell Itself

      Activist Investor Urges FairPoint to Sell Itself

      Verizon just got one step closer to buying Yahoo Activist investor Maglan Capital renewed calls for FairPoint Communications to put itself up for sale after the company’s CEO suggested he would rather be a buyer than a seller. New York-based Maglan Capital, which owns 7.5 percent of FairPoint’s outstanding shares, fired off a letter to the board on Thursday, reiterating its belief that the phone company is a prime acquisition target and should explore strategic alternatives...

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    2. Activist Investor Mad at iHeart’s Debt Maneuvering

      Activist Investor Mad at iHeart’s Debt Maneuvering

      Radio giant iHeartMedia’s latest debt maneuver is fanning the flames of a dispute with activist investor Mario Gabelli. iHeart, led by Chief Executive Bob Pittman, owns 90 percent of publicly traded Clear Channel Outdoor Holdings, the nation’s largest billboard company. Gabelli’s Gamco Asset Management owns 10 percent of the publicly traded shares. Gamco claims struggling iHeart, owned by private equity firms THL Partners and Bain Capital, is taking advantage of its billboard unit...

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