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    High CEO Pay: It's What Friends Are For River Logic Announces New Appointment to Board of Directors Allarity Therapeutics Appoints Seasoned Biotechnology Executive Jerry McLaughlin to Board of Directors Oracle’s Ellison’s Compensation Topped $130 Million Last Fiscal Year TISSIUM Appoints Sara Toyloy as Independent Board Member Quantum Announces Two New Directors Phathom Pharmaceuticals Appoints Dr. James Topper to its Board of Directors Corbus Pharmaceuticals Appoints Anne Altmeyer, PhD to Board of Directors Sonnet BioTherapeutics Appoints Ms. Lori McNeill to the Board of Directors and Formalizes the Company's Business Advisory Committee MarineMax Announces Appointment of Mercedes Romero to Board of Directors If Companies Really Want to Do Some Good, They Should Unbundle ‘ESG’ and ‘DEI’ American, JetBlue to Face Off Against Justice Department in Antitrust Trial