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    Peggy A. Heeg Joins Columbia Pipeline Partners Board of Directors SEC Awards Half-Million Dollars to Overseas Whistleblower 4 Steps to Building a Board of Directors That Lessens Your Stress Silvio Napoli appointed to Eaton's Board of Directors; Arthur E. Johnson to retire from the Board Former French PM appointed Armenian National Interests Fund Board of Directors member Warburg Pincus Landed a $1 Billion Deal with a Twist — One Brother is on Warburg's Energy Team, Another is an Exec at the Company it Backed. FLYHT Appoints Captain Mary I. McMillan to Board of Directors Why Advisory Boards Are Important For Growing Businesses Catalyst Offers to Buy Hudson’s Bay Shares to Block Takeover Bid Cision® Appoints David Krantz To Board Of Directors Investors Want More Human Capital Oversight Carl Icahn Criticizes Petroleum Giant Occidental's Recent Mega-Merger