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    1. Citigroup Holders Back Executive Pay Plan

      Citigroup Holders Back Executive Pay Plan

      Citigroup Inc. shareholders cast 95% of their votes at Tuesday’s annual meeting in support of the bank’s compensation plan for top executives, following a jump in the stock price and a pay cut for Chief Executive Michael Corbat. That reversed tepid support last year when the bank’s annual “say on pay” resolution received 64% of votes cast. The average bank in the S&P 500 index received 91% support, according to proxy advisory... To Read the Full Story Subscribe Sign In

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    2. The Wall Street Journal: SEC Probes Marketing of Private Tech Shares

      The Wall Street Journal: SEC Probes Marketing of Private Tech Shares

      Securities regulators have launched a broad investigation into whether hedge funds and other investors are improperly selling hot private technology stocks amid a boom in the trading of such shares, people close to the probe say. The regulatory scrutiny, which is at an early stage, follows a March page-one article in The Wall Street Journal that delved into the role of middlemen in the burgeoning market for private shares...

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