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    1. The Wrong Way to Target Corporate Excess

      The Wrong Way to Target Corporate Excess

      When in doubt, go after corporate fat cats. Sensitive to criticism that existing revenue and cost measures won’t fully pay for their proposed $3.5 trillion spending plan , Congressional Democrats have their eyes on lavish executive compensation as a source of revenue. One proposal is an excise tax on companies that buy back a “significant” amount of their own stock. Another would target companies that pay bosses a high multiple of average employee compensation...

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    2. Boardroom Soap Opera at P&G Hasn't Helped Shares

      Boardroom Soap Opera at P&G Hasn't Helped Shares

      A.G. Lafley’s return to Procter & Gamble didn’t revive its fortunes as hoped It was the sort of advertising for Procter & Gamble that money can’t buy—and that it likely didn’t want. Back in January, New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady denied knowledge of football tampering in front of an ad for P&G’s Gillette “Flexball” razor, turning the brand into an ironic Twitter meme. Further revelations this week have left his supporters feeling a lot like the fans of a tarnished corporate...

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