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    1. What Japan Inc. Should Learn From Takata

      What Japan Inc. Should Learn From Takata

      Robert Mueller, now Donald Trump’s biggest problem, was until recently Takata’s. Before the former FBI director was tapped to investigate the U.S. president, he oversaw claims against Takata’s deadly airbags — a task now entrusted to famed compensation-dispute expert Kenneth Feinberg. Just as men can be judged by the caliber of their enemies, a company’s troubles can be measured by the stature of those holding it to account...

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    2. Corporate Japan Answers to Nobody

      Corporate Japan Answers to Nobody

      It's been a dreadful week for Japanese corporations. Toshibais facing questions about its accounting practices, Sharp is asking lenders for another bailout and Takata can't escape bad news about its airbags. Each of these problems is bad enough on its own. Together, they raise serious questions about the state of Japan's corporate governance. And at a time when the Nikkei stock exchange has been rising (it's up 36 percent over the past year), those questions are in urgent need of answers...

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