1. Boeing, Ford Among Firms Where CEO Pay Tops Taxes, Study Shows

    Boeing, Ford Among Firms Where CEO Pay Tops Taxes, Study Shows

    Boeing Co. (BA) , Ford Motor Co. (F) and Chevron Corp. are among 29 U.S. companies whose chief executive officers were compensated more last year than their corporations paid in federal income taxes, according to a policy and research firm whose mission is challenging corporate influence...

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    1. For corporations to reward one individual, no matter how talented, more than they are contributing to the cost of all the public services needed for business success reflects the deep flaws in our corporate tax system.
    2. We make very significant investments in high value engineering and manufacturing at Boeing facilities in the U.S., creating jobs designing, developing and producing new airplanes.
    3. During the financial crisis, we were in a situation where we faced severe losses, which threatened the company's very survival.
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