1. BoardProspects.com Adds Lorenz Reibling to Board of Directors

    BoardProspects.com Adds Lorenz Reibling to Board of Directors

    BOSTON (November 19, 2014) BoardProspects.com, the world’s largest online boardroom community, today announced that its shareholders have elected Lorenz Reibling to its board of directors.  Reibling is the Chairman and Founding Partner of Taurus Investment Holdings, LLC., a real estate private equity company based in Boston, MA.

    “We are thrilled that Lorenz Reibling has joined our board of directors.  As an extraordinarily accomplished international executive, Lorenz will be a tremendous addition to our board,” said Mark Rogers, BoardProspects CEO. “We believe there is a very strong international market for BoardProspects and know that Lorenz’s global expertise will be of significant value to our venture.”

    Originally from Germany, Reibling founded Taurus Investment Holdings in 1979 and has been involved in hundreds of international real estate transactions.  “I am excited to join the board of directors for BoardProspects,” said Reibling.  “This is a very unique venture which is well-positioned to address the globalization of today’s boardrooms.  BoardProspects distinguishes itself through its ability to leverage technology in order to bring together the corporate director communities across the world, particularly for the purpose of board recruitment.”

    About BoardProspects.com

    BoardProspects.com has more than 7,000 members and is world’s largest online boardroom community. The Boston-based company provides a platform where members can connect and share the latest information in boardroom and corporate governance news, education, best practices and board recruitment opportunities. For more information please visit boardprospects.com and follow us on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook. 

    Media Contact:  Robert Driscoll | Bobby@BoardProspects.com

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