1. Lloyds To Axe 9,000 Jobs And Shut 200 Bank Branches

    Lloyds To Axe 9,000 Jobs And Shut 200 Bank Branches

    Lloyds Banking Group is to slash 9,000 jobs and shut 200 branches under a new strategy it claims will improve efficiency and customer service. The closures spell an end to its commitment to be the "last bank in town" and represent around a tenth of its network of 2,000 sites. The state-backed bank will invest in remote advice services for customers while they will increasingly be expected to use ...

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    1. It is regrettable but this is about changing customer needs. We will work very, very hard to make sure that we lessen the impact as much as we possibly can on our people.
    2. We will realign our branch capabilities to operate more efficiently, increasing self-service technology and investing in remote advice services, with an increasing number of counter transactions migrating to digital and self-service.
    3. These are deeply unsettling times for Lloyds staff, who after days of speculation and leaks face yet another round of job cuts and a future of uncertainty.
    4. We would remain hopeful with regards to paying a dividend for 2014 full year.
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