1. Cyber Security And The Danger Of Ostriches In The Boardroom

    Cyber Security And The Danger Of Ostriches In The Boardroom

    A worldwide survey of almost 10,000 executives and IT directors in 154 countries reveals that global corporate security budgets have fallen at a time when cybersecurity breaches are rising dramatically. Of even greater concern is the fact that corporate boardrooms seem determined to adopt ostrich-like behaviour and ignore the problem. PwC's [...]

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    1. It's not surprising that reported security breach incidents and the associated financial impact continue to rise year-over-year.
    2. Effective security awareness requires top-down commitment and communication, a tactic that the survey finds is often lacking across organizations. Only 49% of respondents say their organization has a cross-organizational team that regularly convenes to discuss, coordinate, and communicate information security issues
    3. At most organisations the board of directors does not participate in key information security activities
    4. We believe companies should take significant steps to protect their digital infrastructure Fundamentals
    5. The board should communicate the importance of managing cyber risk to the whole company in order to strengthen culture and integrate protocols into other business functions, e.g. sales, marketing, finance, business continuity
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