1. ConMed Proxy Contest E-mails Reveal Bitter Fight

    ConMed Proxy Contest E-mails Reveal Bitter Fight

    NEW YORK (The Deal) -- With a proxy contest at ConMed aonly two weeks away, a strong e-mail exchange between the surgical device maker and activist Voce Capital Management LLC indicate that an agreement before the vote may be tough to come by. After Voce offered on Monday to settle for two seats on the board of the Utica, N.Y.-based company and then withdrew it, citing a lack of response, ConMed ...

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    1. Hartman was the subject of multiple allegations of sexual harassment during his tenure at Stryker and that these allegations were settled confidentially for substantial monetary payments.
    2. Voce has recycled allegations made against Curt Hartman by another company that are false and misleading. Curt has the utmost personal and professional integrity and the baseless claims have been refuted in detail in the public record.
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