1. Dov Charney's Sleazy Struggle for Control of American Apparel

    Dov Charney's Sleazy Struggle for Control of American Apparel

    The inside story of Dov Charney’s overthrow and the chaotic battle for control of American Apparel...

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    1. I know there's a lot of people who have criticized us very severely for not taking action earlier than we did.
    2. All along they were thinking that anything goes in Charneyville.
    3. This transaction is not about the founder, nor is it an endorsement of him.
    4. We may not be politically correct—but we have good ethics.
    5. I think it's the tension between the transgressive part of the brand and the idealistic part of the brand that gives it its special place in the culture.
    6. One of the things you learn when you do crisis management is that where there is smoke, there isn't always fire.
    7. Dov is very intense. He's very charismatic. And anybody who is so passionate and so totally devoted to what he's doing can be attractive. So he's always been subjected to a lot of temptation.
    8. You authorized payments to induce employees to sign release agreements that were aimed at protecting you from personal liability for your misconduct.
    9. I'm reminded of that quote from Nietzsche.
    10. We look for good businesses with bad balance sheets that can be fixed.
    11. Dov found a lifeboat, but he's still surrounded by sharks.
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