1. MBA Women In Business Clubs Are Bringing Women Into The Boardroom

    MBA Women In Business Clubs Are Bringing Women Into The Boardroom

    Business schools provide a route for women to reach the boardroom quicker. Forté Foundation, the non-profit consortium which helps women launch business careers, has dished out $45 million to more than 2,300 female MBA students to help saddle the ...

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    1. I was worried that we had very few women in a high-potential program; when I reviewed the list of criteria to enter the program, it appeared to be extremely gendered.
    2. Research indicates that women have a key role to play in stimulating economic growth at all levels, so it makes sense to find ways to increase women's access to economic activity and services, and to enhance their financial capabilities.
    3. However, the number of female MBA candidates is significantly lower than that of men across most top-tier business schools. That's why AWIB… [has] a strong partnership in planning programs to attract more female applicants, and convey the value of the Fuqua MBA from a female perspective.
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