1. Spirit AeroSystems shareholders to vote on exec pay at annual meeting

    Spirit AeroSystems shareholders to vote on exec pay at annual meeting

    Shareholders will cast votes on a board of directors to lead the company, a 2014 omnibus incentive plan and whether to change the number of votes a stockholder has to one vote per share. In addition, they will cast a non-binding vote on the approval of ...

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    1. To enable the company to attract high caliber external candidates with specialized skills, the Compensation Committee has determined that executive officers' base salaries should be paid at market median.
    2. As our new CEO, Mr. Lawson quickly aligned the organization to support our customers and programs, added new leadership talent to the team and helped to position the company for success.
    3. Our success as a company depends largely on the contributions of our senior executives and their efforts to deliver strong business results and increase shareholder value.
    4. Onex's control of the voting power eliminates the possibility of a change in corporate control without its approval.
    5. GMI negatively flagged a number of issues with our corporate governance.
    6. In regard to executive pay, there were golden hellos, a lack of a clawback policy to recoup unearned executive pay based on fraud or error and a lack of peer performance measures.
    7. Spirit had not adopted alternative energy practices that would lower its future environmental impacts.
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