1. Top 10 Director Reads: 1st Quarter 2014

    Top 10 Director Reads: 1st Quarter 2014

    To compile a “best reads” list for corporate directors and director candidates is a challenge that keeps me on the cutting edge.  Feel free to just review the list, provide feedback on what you like and challenge what you feel is not worthy of the list- maybe even make suggestions about what to read next.


       Board Members Need to Get Out More


      By Rachel Feintzeig in the Wall Street Journal

    2.  The Evolvable Enterprise: Lessons from the New Technology Giants

      By Martin Reeves, Ron Nicol, Thijs Venema, and Georg Wittenburg in BCG Perspectives

    3.  Do Proxy Advisers Hurt Your Returns?

      By Jen Wieczner in Fortune Magazine

    4.  Why every leader should care about digitization and disruptive innovation

      Interviews with Andrew McAfee and James Manyika in McKinsey’s Global Institute’s Insights and Publications

    5. Building a Forward-Looking Board

      By Christian Casal and Christian Caspar in McKinsey Quarterly

    6. PricewaterhouseCooper’s 16th Annual Global CEO Survey

    7. Audit Committee Excellence Series, PricewaterhouseCooper

    8. How Well Do Corporate Directors Know Senior Management?

      By David F. Larcker, Scott Saslow, and Brian Tayan in the Conference Board’s Director Notes

    9. Shareholder Activism in the M&A Context

      Posted by David A. Katz, Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen & Katz in Harvard Law School’s Forum on Corporate Governance and Financial Regulation

    10. Few Companies Prepared to Replace CEO

      By Chad Brooks, BusinessNewsDaily

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