1. Facebook CEO Raises Dealmaker Profile With $19 Billion Takeover

    Facebook CEO Raises Dealmaker Profile With $19 Billion Takeover

    Mark Zuckerberg ’s latest deal shows how high he’ll go, and how fast he’ll move, to keep Facebook Inc. (FB) growing by buying out the competition...

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    1. He's clearly laying his reputation on the line as a dealmaker.
    2. This is not how deal-making happens at your average public company.
    3. As Facebook works to connect the entire world and to build the infrastructure for a global community, WhatsApp will clearly help accelerate our progress.
    4. I see them becoming a more aggressive acquirer when there are properties out there with sufficient scale that look scary to Facebook.
    5. We don't plan on doing many more of these (acquisitions), if any at all
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