1. Cybersecurity Investments Are No Longer Optional, Officials Warn

    Cybersecurity Investments Are No Longer Optional, Officials Warn

    A mix of regulation, investor demands and insurance requirements is pushing companies to elevate the oversight of cybersecurity, officials from the U.S. and other countries say. While some companies in specific critical infrastructure sectors, such as energy and banking, must already comply with certain cybersecurity requirements, greater investment in digital defenses is needed across the board, said Brandon Wales, executive director at the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency...

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    1. There are companies that already have to address this level of cybersecurity and demonstrate this level of cybersecurity investment. But I think, over time, this should become standard for every publicly traded company.
    2. Too often I think it's a cop-out, frankly—too often an organization wasn't prepared, or actually, there's not a good-faith effort to recover.
    3. It starts with the boards and with the C-suite to push this, and make it part of the culture in the same way that other risks are now fully addressed.
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