1. What Happens Next in the Musk-Twitter Saga?

    What Happens Next in the Musk-Twitter Saga?

    In the latest twist in the Twitter-Elon Musk saga, the company has sued the billionaire Tesla CEO in an attempt to force him to complete his $44 billion takeover. Twitter claims in a lawsuit filed Tuesday in Delaware that Musk's “outlandish” and “bad faith” actions have caused the social media platform irreparable harm and sunk its stock price. Legal experts say Twitter Inc. has a strong case, but the coming court battle could be long and contentious and the outcome uncertain...

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    1. Delaware prides itself on being very fast in responding to urgent issues where there is a lot of public or shareholder attention.
    2. Twitter would probably want to get things done fast. Elon, I don't know.
    3. If he's walked away from the deal, there'll be damages and it's not necessarily limited to the breakup fee.
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