1. Top 3 Areas of Focus for Gaining a Board Seat in 2014

    Top 3 Areas of Focus for Gaining a Board Seat in 2014
    •  Pay attention to your self-signals: Do you have a negative or positive voice that speaks to you as you progress toward your goal this year? Are you overstated or understated? Learn to hear your thoughts and turn off the naysayer.


    • ·         Be aware of your choices: The ability to stretch and the ability to limit yourself this year is up to you. Be consciously aware of the choices you make to achieve your goal. Make your choices specific and doable - actions that will build your confidence. Know what will distract you, and find the courage to say no. 


    • ·         Plan a Budget: The money you spend can be for coaching, networking and education. Fly out to see that board lead at your expense. Make a 5-minute video that puts your best foot forward with what you bring to a specific board. Those efforts will differentiate you from others. Being a director candidate can be an expensive goal but well worth both your time and money.


    For more information, see the eBook: Becoming a Public Company Director.


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