1. Martin Shkreli’s Old Pharma Company Faces Shareholder Battle

    Martin Shkreli’s Old Pharma Company Faces Shareholder Battle

    “Pharma Bro” Martin Shkreli just got out of prison, but the battle over his scandal-scarred company is still raging. Last June, a group of activist investors seeking to wrest control of Shkreli’s pharmaceutical firm Turing failed — with the 39-year-old fraudster voting his shares from prison...

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    1. They are left with just $23 million in cash, down from $50 million last quarter — no idea what they're doing.
    2. It all comes down to a handful of institutional shareholders.
    3. The plan is to remove Martin from the company, right the price of Daraprim to pre-Shkreli levels, and do what's right first with patients, physicians then shareholders.
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