1. Let’s Put EA CEO’s $20 Million Payout In Context

    Let’s Put EA CEO’s $20 Million Payout In Context

    EA CEO Andrew Wilson stands on stage at a video game showcase contemplating his next million. The CEO of Madden maker Electronic Arts is set to rake in $19.8 million in total compensation for his company’s strong performance in 2021. That’s about half of what it was for 2020 after EA’s Board of Directors cracked down on exorbitant bonuses in the face of shareholder backlash, but still several hundred times more than what some of EA’s lowest-paid employees make during this time of record inflation. “For fiscal year 2022, the annual total compensation of our ...

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    1. EA does not compensate for cost of living, we base our compensation ranges on market data for what similar roles are paid for in a geography and make adjustments as necessary.
    2. To outsource most of the support teams at EA to bank a higher profit isn't okay.
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