1. Taking the Amazon Union Battle to the C-suite: Shareholders Fight Back Against "higher immorality"

    Taking the Amazon Union Battle to the C-suite: Shareholders Fight Back Against "higher immorality"

    Organizers for the independent Amazon Labor Union , which stunned the world when it won a union election to represent several thousand workers at the corporate behemoth's facility in Staten Island, New York, are now waging a wider battle against Amazon's labor practices. The union lost a May 2 vote at a smaller Staten Island facility that primarily relies on part-time workers, but says it is reviewing its legal options amid reports that Amazon may have tried to intimidate workers...

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    1. I think what's happening here in this moment in Amazon and many other places where people are simply walking out — they aren't going to take it anymore.
    2. If you don't do anything blood is going to be on your hands.
    3. While Amazon and its CEO made billions during this crisis, hardworking employees were forced to endure unsafe conditions and were retaliated against for rightfully voicing these concerns.
    4. The Amazon Labor Union is doing something remarkable and significant.
    5. Amazon has actually adopted as a corporate policy, the International Human Rights statement that supports the standards of the International Labor Organization, which prohibits captive audience meetings.
    6. We have come to accept the notion that people can have one behavior in their private lives and a wholly different behavior in the corporate world.
    7. Shareholders have to address their questions very personally to these people serving on these boards.
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