1. Dr. Shirley Ann Jackson to Retire From PSEG Board of Directors

    Dr. Shirley Ann Jackson to Retire From PSEG Board of Directors

    Public Service Enterprise Group Inc. (PSEG) announced today that Dr. Shirley Ann Jackson will retire from the board, effective April 19 . Susan Tomasky , retired president of AEP Transmission, a division of American Electric Power Corp., and a member of the PSEG Board of Directors since 2012, has been elected lead director...

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    1. I consider myself incredibly fortunate to have worked alongside Dr. Shirley Ann Jackson for many years, and I am extremely proud to call her my colleague and mentor, as well as my friend.
    2. Susan is a tremendously experienced director and her leadership will continue to help enhance PSEG's excellent governance practices and reputation.
    3. Jamie and Valerie each bring a track record of strategic leadership and commitment to the principles of environmental stewardship, social responsibility and ethical governance that will be a tremendous asset to our board.
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