1. California's Board Gender Law Propels Women into Corporate Seats

    California's Board Gender Law Propels Women into Corporate Seats

    Despite ongoing legal challenges, California’s 2018 gender diversity law has helped propel a record number of women into corporate board seats in the San Diego region and statewide, according to a new study. Women directors at San Diego publicly traded companies rose from 12 percent to 31 percent of total board seats since the law — SB 826 — passed three years ago, said the California Partners Project, an advocacy group tracking the impact of the legislation...

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    1. I think it is hard to argue that the law hasn't had a significant effect.
    2. They have been an important force for progress.
    3. Leading up to the first deadline in 2019, many, many companies announced their appointment of a female director in December.
    4. One thing that is interesting in San Diego is we have more than doubled the number of women on boards.
    5. The fact is only 7 percent of Fortune 500 CEOs are women.
    6. You are diversifying the skillsets on your board as much as you are diversifying the people sitting at your board table.
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