1. Elizabeth Holmes Trial: Stunning Testimony, But What Comes Next?

    Elizabeth Holmes Trial: Stunning Testimony, But What Comes Next?

    SAN JOSE — For Theranos founder Elizabeth Holmes, the stakes could hardly be higher: a new mother at 37, in a relationship with an MIT-educated hotel heir, she could find herself locked away for years in a prison cell if the jury in her trial decides she committed criminal fraud...

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    1. What the government spent a lot of time doing was showing that Ms. Holmes was intimately involved with the day-to-day activities at Theranos, and she's apprised of these problems and at the same time she's making all these statements.
    2. She's acknowledging that mistakes were made.
    3. He impacted everything about who I was, and I don't fully understand that.
    4. There's this public persona of Elizabeth Holmes and then there's this young, fragile woman — she's been able to change the narrative through the allegations of abuse.
    5. She is pointing the finger at him and showing that she got rid of the problem and she brought in the cleanup team.
    6. They both could be holding back on witnesses that are going to drop bombs.
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