1. 8x8, Inc. Announces Changes to its Board of Directors

    8x8, Inc. Announces Changes to its Board of Directors
    SAN JOSE, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--October 28, 2013-- 8x8, Inc. (NASDAQ:EGHT), provider of cloud communications and collaboration solutions, today announced that Jaswinder Pal (JP) Singh, a leading computer science and SaaS technology expert, has been elected to succeed Mansour Salame on the 8x8 board of directors. Mr. Salame has served on the 8x8 board since January 2012 and resigned last week to pursue other opportunities. This change to the 8x8 board is effective immediately.


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    1. The SaaS communications and collaboration industry is very much in its infancy, from both a business and technology perspective, with plenty of room for innovation and growth.
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