1. FedEx Union Urges Holders to Reject CEO's $54M Pay Package

    FedEx Union Urges Holders to Reject CEO's $54M Pay Package

    The Teamsters union is calling on FedEx ( FDX ) shareholders to reject Founder and Chief Executive Fred Smith's $54 million pay package, a media report says. The package-delivery giant gave the executive stock options after scrapping a cash bonus in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. It then reinstated the bonus and left the option award intact, the union said, according to Reuters. Shares of the Memphis company at last check were down 0.6% at $265.62...

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    1. Allowing double-dipping for any executive is objectionable enough, but granting a special option award, purportedly for retention and incentive purposes to the company's founder alongside a large, regular option award – is beyond the pale.
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