1. Wag! Appoints Two Dynamic Women Leaders to Its Board of Directors

    Wag! Appoints Two Dynamic Women Leaders to Its Board of Directors

    Melinda Chelliah and Jocelyn Mangan joined Wag! 's Board of Directors, marking an important milestone in bolstering the company’s leadership as it continues to grow rapidly as the leading partner of Pet Parents across the United States..

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    1. As Wag!'s business evolves, building an experienced board sets us up to leap to our next stage. Melinda and Jocelyn are two stellar business leaders, who offer insight and expertise that are invaluable to accelerating Wag!'s growth.
    2. As Wag! continues on its upward trajectory as the premier pet platform, I'm excited to join the team of inspiring leaders helping the company navigate its next chapters while also providing guidance on how to accelerate momentum and sustained growth.
    3. I'm very excited to join Wag!'s Board as Audit Chair and am looking forward to helping build robust structure and processes to help unlock even more value for Wag! customers and to guide Wag! in its next chapter of growth and success.
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