1. CEOs Told to ‘think before they tweet’ After Just Eat Spat With Uber

    CEOs Told to ‘think before they tweet’ After Just Eat Spat With Uber

    Chief executives are being warned to “think twice before they tweet” after the boss of takeaway company Just Eat Takeaway was told his Twitter spat with Uber threatened to undermine the firm’s reputation. Jitse Groen this week became the latest in a growing list of chief executives to be rebuked by customers, investors and even regulators over ill-judged tweets...

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    1. Everyone sees Twitter as a huge marketing opportunity that can drive a business forward, and it really can.
    2. The response should not happen on Twitter. It should happen on a credible forum with the facts, data, and analysis that the company has at its disposal.
    3. Just Eat Takeaway.com has a regular dialogue with all its shareholders and we take all their views very seriously.
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