1. Investor Elliott Urges GSK to Consider Sale of Consumer Health

    Investor Elliott Urges GSK to Consider Sale of Consumer Health

    LONDON (Reuters) - Activist investor Elliott urged GlaxoSmithKline to consider the sale of its consumer healthcare business, which is being listed next year and said it saw scope to drive up the value of the group. Confirming for the first time that it had taken a significant position in GSK, Elliott set out five recommendations for the board as it prepares to split its two main businesses...

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    1. After the reconstituted GSK Board is in place, this Board will be in a better position to ensure the best executive leadership for both new companies.
    2. Our analysis suggests that GSK has an opportunity to generate up to 45% upside in its share price in the lead-up to its full separation, and much more in the years beyond.
    3. Any strategic opportunity for the sale of CH (consumer health) should be diligently pursued and accompanied by a clear plan for how GSK will use the proceeds.
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