1. American on Trial in Japan Gets Support From Ex-Boss Ghosn

    American on Trial in Japan Gets Support From Ex-Boss Ghosn

    TOKYO (AP) — Former Nissan chairman Carlos Ghosn has backed his former colleague American lawyer Greg Kelly’s insistence he is innocent of any wrongdoing. Ghosn said in an interview with The Associated Press in Beirut, Lebanon, on Tuesday that Kelly, a former Nissan executive vice president, had sought only legal methods to arrange post-retirement compensation for his boss. Kelly was arrested at the same time as Ghosn in Tokyo in November 2018 and is charged with falsifying securities reports...

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    1. Greg is probably the person, from all the teams I had, one of the most professional. Highest integrity person I know. That's one of the reasons I trusted him.
    2. Nothing was decided. It was only brainstorming. And frankly to the end, nothing was decided.
    3. Greg Kelly is facing trial, while Saikawa is free. You know, what's the big difference?
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