1. Jamie Dimon as the Steven Cohen of Banking

    Jamie Dimon as the Steven Cohen of Banking

    Could Jamie Dimon possibly find himself joining Steven A. Cohen among the government's favorite Wall Street targets? Vanity Fair recently wondered whether embattled hedge funder Cohen is the government's White Whale, who eludes U.S. attorney Preet Bharara's monomaniacal pursuit of insider trading on Wall Street. Now, after JPMorgan , the largest bank in the U.S. by assets ...

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    1. Although today's settlement resolves claims against JPMorgan relating to this matter, our investigation is continuing as to individuals.
    2. Senior management failed to adequately update the audit committee on these and other important facts concerning the CIO before the firm filed its first quarter report for 2012.
    3. Deprived of access to these facts, the audit committee was hindered in its ability to discharge its obligations to oversee management on behalf of shareholders and to ensure the accuracy of the firm's financial statements.
    4. JPMorgan cooperated extensively with all of the regulatory inquiries.
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